Chair Person Desk

The sky's the limit

My dear child, always have confidence in yourself and faith in God. Be a responsible citizen of this country and work towards its glory. Success is about vision; it’s about rising above the challenges and extracting the extra-ordinary from the ordinary. Combination of Intelligence, with good moral character can make you indestructible. Recognize your strength and acknowledge the achievement of others.
The roots of hard work and patience might taste bitter to you first, but the fruit is always sweet. If you want to grab on to success and want to keep her in your pocket always then listen to everything around you, admire the good and shun the negative. We are all students in this school of life and time is our teacher. Hence there will be times when you will feel lone and cold, but failure teaches us how to pick ourselves again. Take a note of the lesson learnt in every failure and move forward. The impossible can be pulled off with the right amount of planning and balanced hard work. Love yourself instead of loving what you possess. Set your goals right and accomplish them through hard work and perseverance.
Observe to collect facts and experiment to verify the result. Keep your dreams alive and make them into reality through determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort. In the end there is nothing I value more than the closeness of family and friends because they are our support system. Your parents and family have prayed for you and had done everything they could for you. Respect and love them. You can do anything you set your mind to, my child. The sky’s the limit.

Gulab Motiani
Mascot The School