Parents Guidelines Rules

General Rules

New admissions will be made subject to the availability of the seats.

The school follows the age-policy guidelines for admission as per the standards of Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi

The documents like Birth Certificate of the child, Address proof and others which are essential at the time of admission are required to be submitted along with the admission form. In case of any discrepancy/forgery found in the documents at any stage, the admission of the student stands cancelled or will lead to expulsion from the school.

Students coming from the recognized schools will not be admitted without the original leaving certificate (T.C.) from the school. If the Student is coming from outside the state, then they shall have their Transfer Certificate (T.C.) counter signed by the inspecting Authority of the state.

The admission policy is same for all the students and no special recommendation or reference of any kind shall be considered.

The school management reserves the right to admit or retain the student in the school.

With the grant of admission to the student, the parents and student are bound to abide by the rules, regulations, code of conduct and guidelines laid down by the school.

The management reserves the right to make changes to the rules and guidelines as and when required which will be communicated to students and parents and shall be binding to all.

Attendance & Leave

All students are expected to attend school on all working days and for the full day. Half day applications will be entertained only under acceptable reasons.

Students must be present in the school after holidays /vacations on the reopening day of the school. They must also remain present in the school on the last working day of the school, preceding the holidays/ vacations.

No leave of absence is granted except on previous written application from parents or guardians and only for valid reasons. The maximum allowable duration of leave is of 7 days.

All students are expected to report 10 minutes before the scheduled school time. School gate shall close sharp at the scheduled time.

Students reporting after the scheduled time will be rewarded with a late remark in the school diary. Three late remarks will lead to imposition of penalty and strict action against the student.

A minimum of 75% of the total attendance of the academic session would be necessary to appear for the final examination and promotion. Shortage of attendance upto 15% may be condoned in case of genuine illness provided an authentic medical certificate in this regard is submitted.

If a student fails to appear for any test, examination, practical, project work, he /she will be considered as failed in that test, examination, practical, project work. No retest / re exam will be conducted. If the absence is due to serious illness then an application for such leave supported with a medical report should be submitted to the Principal.

Parent should make a request for leave in advance and only when they are convinced of its absolute necessity, unless it is a case of injury to or illness of the student.

If a student is absent owing to illness, the student must on return bring a note written by the parent or guardian. In case of longer illness, i.e. lasting more than one week the Principal should be informed and Medical Certificate should be attached.

The school reserves the right to refuse permission for any trip if it demands excessive leave or if it occurs at an inappropriate time of the school year.

During school hours no student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the class is over. Written permission of the Principal or supervisor is required for the student to leave the premises during the school hours. Breach of these rules will be viewed seriously.

Parents are requested not to ask their children to comeback from school before the school gets over except in case of real necessity in which permission should be obtained previously in writing.

It may be noted that children will not be sent home even in an emergency with any one who might come for them during school hours without a written request from the parent or guardian.

Parents are requested to ensure that their children arrive at and leave school punctually. Any student who is late in attending school should bring with him/her a written application from his/her parent/ guardian for late attendance. Strict action will be taken against habitual latecomers.

Each and every student will be issued a visitor’s ID card at the start of each session. No one except the 2 nominated persons on the ID card shall be permitted to take the student along.

Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence from school, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience and any type of unruly and objectionable behaviour are considered to be grave acts of indiscipline on the part of a student which can lead to his/her rustication from the school.

School gives first priority to its student’s health than attendance. Hence, parents are requested not to force the students to attend the school in spite of their ill-health for achieving 100% attendance. If a teacher finds any child not fit enough to attend the school, then the parents shall be informed to take the child back home.

The attendance of each student is marked through Automatic Attendance System (RFID + Biometric attendance system) installed in the school which is aligned with the Student ID card

Parents Co-Operation

Parents are expected to support and reinforce the school rules and policies. The school expects parents to attend parent-teacher meetings, school functions and thus show their interest in the school activities.

Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to speak to the students or their teachers during class hours / during transition without the permission of the Principal. Appointments may be made before hand to interact during a teacher's free period, with the approval of the Principal.

Private tuitions are strongly discouraged. School Teachers are not ordinarily allowed to give tuitions to pupils who are being taught by them and parents are requested to strictly refrain from engaging the school teachers for their ward’s private tuition.

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking general interest in the child's progress.

Parents are expected to encourage the students to speak in English. Parents should take keen interest and initiative for the academic development and fluency in English of their wards so as to maintain the school’s standard.

The school will insist on strict punctuality regular school attendance, cleanliness in dress, general grooming and fidelity to study and work assignments. Absence from school for merely social functions will be strongly discouraged.

Students who neglect their lessons will be required to stay in school after class to complete their lessons or may be called to school for extra classes on holidays.

Attendance at school functions such as Children's Day, Teacher's Day, Sports Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, etc. is essential.

Parents or guardians are specially requested to notify the school of any change in their address or telephone numbers.

When communicating with the Principal, parents are requested to mention in their letters the standard, name, roll number and division in which their children are studying.

Parents are requested to cooperate with the school in all its activities including planning/organizing/volunteering/sponsoring/competing events, annual day, sports day, other programmes etc as and when required. Parents are also expected to voluntarily extend their expertise and knowledge in their respective fields for the betterment of students and school, if the school seeks for the same.

Parents are expected to enter the school building through the administrative block during the working days, and only if its essential. The parent have to take prior permission from the Principal to meet their child during school hours.

Parents or guardians should as soon as possible notify the school authorities of the occurrence of any contagious or infectious disease in the house where a pupil lives, and the and the pupil(s) must not be sent to school until the danger of infection is over.

Parents and guardians may discuss with the members of the staff regarding their child's/ward's behaviour and progress in school during PTMs.. Previous permission of the Principal is required to visit a teacher during the school hours other than the Parent Teacher Meetings.

Parents are requested not to discuss with the members of the staff regarding their child's/ward's behaviour and progress inside the school premises during transition.

Parents are aware that the school reserves the rights to make changes in the school rules and regulations, which will be communicated to students and parents and shall be binding to all. Parents are requested not to pressurize the principal or management with respect to such rules and regulations.

Parents are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the Principal and School management. The Management has the sole rights to admit or retain pupils in the school or cancel the admission of the student at its own discretion.

School Management and the Principal will reserve the rights of promotion for any child whose parents are found to be irresponsible towards their children.

Eggs / Non vegetarian food is strictly not allowed in the school premises.

Parents are well informed about the school fees schedule at the start of the session and are expected to pay the dues in time and according to the schedule. Any issue related to the inability or delay in the payment of the school fee during the session shall be addressed to the school office in advance. School management has the sole right to decide upon such requests.

Parents are requested to understand that students are not allowed to carry any expensive articles, mobile phones, i-pods, pen-drives etc. to the school. School does not take any responsibility of the loss of any such article or any other belonging of the student.

Parents are also expected to understand that under all circumstances, each and every student of the school is governed by the principles of the code of conduct, rules and regulations and policies. No amendment or exception can be entertained in such case.

Kindly ensure that the child's name is written (with a marker) on all the items used by the child (Bag, Cap, Shoes, Tiffin Box etc) in school. Please laminate the parent I-card and kindly have the photo of the person who will pick-up your child from school pasted on it.

Check the School Bag / School diary daily. It contains important information for you.

In case of another person coming to pick up the child, the substitute is expected to have both the I. Card and a letter of authority. No child will be handed over to a person not known to the teacher / security.

At the end of the school day, buses will leave first and the transition of the walkers will be only after the buses leave.

Parents are requested to refrain from waiting in the school premises during the school hours except for meeting the Principal or teachers by prior appointment.


A calendar month's notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student. The person responsible should give such notice in writing for the student and not by the pupil. However the fees once paid, including the admission fees will not be refunded nor transferred under any circumstances.

Pupils who leave without notice and pupils whose names are stuck off the rolls for unexplained absence of more than one month are as a rule not re-admitted. After a valid reasonable explanation, it’s at the discretion of the School management whether to re-admit the student or not.

Parents are requested to notify the office on time when the student leaves the school and also the fees will have to be paid for the full academic year.

The Leaving Certificate, without which a pupil cannot join any other school, shall be refused to those who have not paid their fees and other dues.

The Leaving Certificate should be applied for in writing by the parent or guardian in the prescribed form along with No Due Certificates from the Accounts Department, Library, sports and games and the departments applicable. A month's notice must be given before a pupil leaves the school.

Pupils who desire to discontinue studies should take their Leaving Certificates immediately. A fee will be charged if the Certificate is taken after one year, and if a duplicate is applied for, and the prescribed procedure must be followed.

B'day Celebration

The school recognizes that birthdays are special occasions for students and parents, and requests that birthday celebrations should be kept simple. The school does permit distribution of candies, toffees, chocolates but not any take-home presents for students or teachers. Parents are not permitted to send cakes. Parents won't be allowed to participate in the celebration in the class room. On their birthday, only the student upto V Standard are free to wear clothes of their choice that conform to the norms of modesty but from class VI onwards. Students are not allowed to wear colour dresses on their birthdays. Photography and Video graphy of the celebration are strictly not allowed.

Library Rules

Silence and order must be maintained in the library.

Only one book at a time will be issued on appointed days.

Library books are issued only to the students of Grade 1 and above.

No pupil may keep the book with him/her for more than 7 days.

A book may be issued for a further period of 7 days, if there is no demand for it by any other student. All library books must be returned by March 1st of that academic year. The Librarian should be notified by the borrower if the book is damaged before accepting the book. Otherwise the borrower will be held responsible and the pupil will have to pay for the damage.

If a student loses a book the student will have to replace the book or pay a fine equal to the value of the book.

Any student who infringes the Library Rules will be liable to pay a fine or be debarred from the Library.

Playground Rules

Separate grounds and areas are assigned for various recreational facilities. Student should not leave its assigned playing area. No hanging upside down on any equipment and No jumping off from the swings.

Student should wait for his turn and do not push any other student from the slide or in the playground. or any in the playground.

Students have to always follow the instruction from the PTI or sports instructor.

Any damage to the sports equipments or accessories shall be payable by the student.

There are basic requirements to take part in any form of game or sport which is to be fulfilled by the student. Like to play badminton or tennis you have to bring your own racquets, to play cricket or table tennis you have to bring your own bat etc. Wearing the sports shoes during the games period is compulsory.

No student is allowed to play in the play ground or on any court in the absence of the trainer/coach/PTI.

Follow the Bus Drivers’ / Bus Assistants’ instructions at all times.

Board and leave the bus at the assigned regular stops.

Sit in proper manner, facing forward. Keep whole body - head and hands within the bus.

Do not talk to bus driver while he is driving.

No pushing, tripping, shoving, and fighting while boarding, riding or leaving the bus.

Do not scratch off the bus seat covers.

Students must reach the boarding place 5 minutes before the schedule

Do not throw wastes or any items inside the bus or from the window.

Abide by the school transport rules and road rules all the time.