Occasion Date Day
Chetichand 6th April 2020 (Saturday) Saturday to Saturday
Ram Navami 13th April 2020 (Saturday) Saturday to Saturday
Mahavir jayanti 17th April 2020 (Wednesday) Wednesday to Wednesday
Good Friday 19th April 2020 (Friday) Friday to Friday
Summer Vacation 13th May 2020 (Monday) to 24th June 2020 (Monday) Monday to Monday
Guru Purnima 16th July 2020 (Tuesday) Tuesday to Tuesday
Id - ul - Juha 12th August 2020 (Monday) Monday to Monday
Janmashtami 24th August 2020 (Saturday) Saturday to Saturday
Ganesh Chaturthi 2nd September 2020 (Monday) Monday to Monday
Muharram 10th September 2020 (Tuesday) Tuesday to Tuesday
Maha Navami 7th October 2020 (Monday) Monday to Monday
Dussehra 8th October 2020 (Tuesday) Tuesday to Tuesday
Diwali Holiday 25th October 2020 (Friday) to 29th October 2020 (Tuesday) Friday to Tuesday
Guru Nanak Jayanti 12th November 2020 (Tuesday) Tuesday to Tuesday
Parshavnath Jayanti 21st December 2020 (Saturday) Saturday to Saturday
Christmas 25th December 2020 (Wednesday) Wednesday to Wednesday
Winter Holidays 31st December 2020 (Tuesday) to 6th January 2020 (Monday) Tuesday to Monday
Basant Panchami 30th January 2020 (Thursday) Thursday to Thursday
Mahashivratri 21st February 2020 (Friday) Friday to Friday
Holi 9th March 2020 (Monday) to 10th March 2020 (Tuesday) Monday to Tuesday
Cheti Chand 26th March 2020 (Thursday) to 26th January 2020 (Sunday) Thursday to Sunday