Pre-primary Independence Day celebration

The Independence Day Celebration was held for Pre-primary to II class. The little infants participated very excitingly and enjoyed the whole event with joyous chirping. The motive was to imbibe the feeling of nationalism and importance of freedom among the students. There were dance performances and Rhyme singing by the adorable youngsters which filled the surroundings with amazement. Chairman Sir and his wife motivated the students by their speech at the end of the performances and paid tribute to the mother nation. Read more..

स्वदेश प्रेम-Inter-House group singing competition

Inter house group singing competition held on 6th August 2018. Over 40 students participated in the competition with energetic attitude and enthusiasm. The theme was स्वदेश प्रेम which was in reference to the upcoming national event INDEPENDENCE DAY. Students being in school uniform used various props like National Flag, tricolour ribbons, dupattas etc. Few also painted flag on their cheeks to charge the audience with the spirit of nationalism. The creativity and overall performance of the Apollo House snatched the first position from rest of the three houses. The winner house used a mix of karaoke and instrumental music putting forward an interesting parody which created a patriotic environment, that was the motive behind organizing the event. Read more..